DDU/DDP/Door to door shipping service

Address: 4F,Bldg 7,DongFangJianFuYuSheng Industrial Area,Gushu,Bao’an,Shenzhen 518126,China
Short Business Description: Shenzhen emperor transport, established in 2009,main business line is transport cargos to the world, more than 10 years experiences in this line.
Main business as below:
1. Consolidation cargo (collect goods from your different suppliers and arrange as one shipment)
2. Warehousing/Storage service
3. Insurance service
4. Customs Clearance (More than 10years experience)
5. Documentation service (please see details as below)
6. Repacking service
7. Cargo Inspection
8. Blind shipping/drop shipping (conceal original supplier/customer name)
Amazon Cheapest air freight/shipping/Amazon/FBA/DHL/UPS/FEDES/TNT
Long Business Description:

EAC has the first-class booking agents of Changrong (EMC), OOCL, ONE, HAMBURGSUD and other shipping companies, as well as long-term fixed seats in Hong Kong CX/KE/JL, Guangzhou CZ and other airlines.

EAC is committed to providing one-stop integrated logistics solutions for domestic manufacturers, import and export companies, and cross-border e-commerce sellers in the United States, Germany, Britain, and Canada for customs declaration, warehousing, logistics processing, and transshipment at destination ports.

In 2016, EAC established ELP Truck Company in Los Angeles, purchasing 22 trucks to provide special line card dispatch business for cross-border e-commerce business.

In 2017, EAC set up overseas warehouses in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Britain, Germany, and other places to provide overseas warehousing services for cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

After many years of efforts, EAC has formed a systematic cross-border e-commerce logistics chain based on “Overseas Warehouse Distribution” and “International Transport”, with “IT Information Technology” as the core and “upstream and downstream resources” to achieve diversified services such as FBA transshipment, distribution and distribution.

Corporate Positioning: Stability, Security, Controllable Global Logistics Integrated Service Provider

Business Phone Number: +86 13271718381
Business Fax: +86 0755 29827459