Address: Timisoara, DJ 216, Junction No. 4 Romania
Long Business Description:

EUROCCOPER, a company using private paid-up capital of 370.000 Euro, was founded in 1994, at the initiative of Aldo Roccon, its founder. He put his faith in this country and the potential provided by its people.

The customs commissioning activity begins in 1995, just after being authorized by the General Customs Authority of Bucharest.

EUROCCOPER is one of the few private companies to boast a presence on the Romanian territory for more than 20 years.

In 1996 the company starts its activity as a forwarder, ensuring international and domestic transportation, an activity that up to this day continued developing and improving until it reached a level of excellency that is rarely matched in Romania.

Two years later EUROCCOPER establishes a new business quarter in Italy in order to tap into unknown areas of the emerging market and stay close to their Italian clients, but also to keep in touch with entrepreneurs who might be interested in making the best of what Romania has to offer, business-wise.

At present we offer logistics and customs services at our headquarters in Bucharest, Timisoara, Constanta and Arad. Our customs offices are also in Moravita, Jimbolia, Portile de Fier I and Halmeu.

Transportation and forwarding services

We cover all the logistic chain and transportation phases, starting with the pick-up of the goods up until the actual delivery, including consolidation, storage services, ensuring customs clearance services, managing necessary certificates, selecting the best transport solution and a shipment tracking system that can be customized according to the client’s needs.

Shipping and transportation services are some of EUROCCOPER’s strong suits and, thanks to the services provided, we are able to ensure domestic and international transportation to any given destination.

Thanks to specific strategic agreements concluded with important international operators we are able to ensure the most convenient transportation solutions without having to sacrifice velocity and overall service quality.

Year by year we coordinate a high number of shipments bound either for export or import to and from all over Europe, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, China and many more other destinations.

A client with high demands can always find the solution he’s looking for thanks to synergetic transportation and shipping services that are perfectly merged with all of the other services provided by EUROCCOPER.

Institutional recognition is quick to arrive. In 2001, EUROCCOPER ranks first among all the other enterprises that operate in the same field in Timisoara, and is awarded by Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry of Timisoara. EUROCCOPER continually strives to improve its services and, as a consequence, in June of 2002 obtains the ISO 9001 certificate.

Nowadays the company includes, among the existing over 1.000 clients, internationally-recognized brands that are matched in terms of quality of services provided, thanks to a stable organization and the internal workforce that sums up about 75 specialized employees, each in its own sector.

Business Phone Number: 0040-256-380727
Business Fax: 0040-256-380724