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Walking around member areas

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    Member areas are divided into two sections.

    From the site’s menu, you can find ‘Members’ dropdown menu.

    If you click ‘Member List’, you can see a list of members, which is a list of active members who registered here.

    Functions of member list area are:

    (1) Search tool. You can search a member here.

    (2) ‘All Members’ button. By clicking this button, you can access to a full list of active members.

    (3) Filter. You can choose in what order members are to be listed.

    (4) Member list. Members are displayed here in the order you have set up in step (3). If you click on a member’s name, the profile of the member will be displayed. You can send friend request or private message to the member.

    (5) You can choose ‘Add Friend’ to send friend request to a member. If the member accepts your request, then you and the member will be ‘Friends’, you can send private messages to each other. It is similar to Twitter or Weibo direct message.

    Under ‘Activity’ sub-menu, you can find recent activities of other members, such as a member published information in Forum, or a new member joined the community.

    Under ‘Groups’ section, you can create or manage groups.

    By clicking ‘Edit Profile’, you can edit your member profile.

    Another member function is ‘My Private Area’, here is your private sector, where you can review your profile, check for notifications, messages, friend requests, group or forum news and revise settings.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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